Colston Research Symposium on Synthetic Biology

7 September 2016, 9.00 AM - 7 September 2016, 7.00 PM

School of Chemistry, University of Bristol

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Full event details including speaker profiles and e-programme are available.  

  • Hagan Bayley, University of Oxford, UK
  • Steve Benner, Foundation for applied molecular evolution, Florida, USA 
  • John Glass, J Craig Venter Institute, USA
  • Birte Höcker, University of Bayreuth, Germany
  • Lynn Rothschild, NASA Ames Research Center, USA
  • Petra Schwille, Max Planck Society, Germany
  • Nigel Scrutton, SYNBIOCHEM, Manchester, UK
  • Luis Serrano, Barcelona, Spain
  • Dek Woolfson, BrisSynBio, University of Bristol, UK 

Meeting opening address from Professor Hugh Brady, Vice Chancellor and President, University of Bristol

Organised by Professor Dek Woolfson, Director of BrisSynBio, University of Bristol

With an evening public lecture from Professor Lynn Rothschild, NASA Ames Research Center: On beyond Star Trek: Synthetic Biology and NASA's missions

Registration is closed.

Registration at the meeting includes the evening public lecture. 

Members of the public can attend the public lecture if they have registered. Registration is now closed. On beyond Star Trak: Synthetic Biology and NASA's missions, Professor Lynn J Rothschild, NASA

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