Focusing on public health issues of global significance through interdisciplinary research.

Global Public Health Research Strand

The Global Public Health Research Strand's priority areas are:

  • Women’s and young people’s reproductive and sexual health
  • Mental health
  • Prevention of infection
  • Multimorbidity (co-existing health conditions)

The areas will be cross-cut by the following themes:

  • Vulnerability
  • Health Systems
  • Policy Impact

We will facilitate a range of activities to address the priority areas, including:

  • Themed interdisciplinary workshops
  • Funding for pump-priming research
  • Network building and partnership development
  • Call-responsive research development workshops

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The Elizabeth Blackwell Institute nurtures health and biomedical research at Bristol and beyond. We support pioneering and world-leading research to tackle today’s most pressing health challenges, striving to achieve better health for all. We focus on:

•  Building new interdisciplinary health research communities;

•  Innovative health research from the basic and molecular to clinical and social sciences;

•  Supporting early career researchers and clinicians.

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