Planning your visit

How much does a visit cost?

Costs vary depending on your geographical location, number of University labs used, number of students and consumables and equipment used.

Cost is often a factor for schools from areas where pupils have a low participation in higher education. Some financial assistance is available for schools under the ‘Widening Participation’ criteria. By offering subsidised sessions, we hope to increase participation in University education. Further information about this is available on request.

Please email for a quote.


We can advise suitable drop-off and collection points for minibuses and coaches if you are visiting the University. We can provide an area of students to eat their own lunches on site.


We can advise or book suitable places for you to eat or purchase lunch if you are visiting the University.

Risk assessment

Please see the relevant risk assessment for:


We would appreciate if you could fill in an evaluation sheet for teachers (PDF, 175kB) or for secondary schools (PDF, 189kB) for your visit.

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