Programme structure

The programme will provide an opportunity to work at the interfaces between at least two disciplines.  Year 1 will provide training and expertise necessary to enable you to maximise learning and productivity in your main project, conducted in years 2-4.  This main project will be based principally with one supervisor, but will allow regular interaction with at least one co-supervisor from a different discipline.

Year 1: the first year comprises:

  • A comprehensive 4-week induction
  • Two 4-month mini-projects tailored to the training needs and interests of the individual student
  • A final 3-month block spent developing and refining the project proposal for the main PhD project in consultation with their supervisory team

A precise training plan will be agreed between you and the Academic Board to take into account your background, planned project and research interests.

Throughout all years, but particularly in Year 1, you will also receive training through sets of established training modules (for example in biomedical statistics), to ensure strong interdisciplinary research foundations for all students, some of which will be tailored to your specific requirements.

Importantly there will be a week of tailored Cardiovascular Clinical Experience, to facilitate first-hand knowledge of the types of clinical scenarios that may be encountered in cardiovascular medicine, and enable you to set the work of your PhD in context.  

Years 2-4: this will comprise the main project, co-supervised by individuals from across at least 2 disciplines of fundamental biology, clinical science and population health.  There will be regular opportunities to present your work, both in Bristol and beyond, and regular points of interaction with other members of your cohort of students on the BHF programme, as well as other similar programmes funded in the University of Bristol.

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