MSc in Biophysics and Molecular Life Sciences

Principal areas of current research in the biophysical analysis of biological molecules

Why study Biophysics at Bristol?

The University of Bristol has a world-renowned reputation in biophysical research, especially in areas such as molecular structure, enzymology, DNA-protein interactions, protein folding, membrane protein function, synthetic biology, molecular simulations, and single-molecule imaging techniques. There is a thriving area of interdisciplinary research between biology, medical sciences, chemistry, physics and mathematics with a wealth of expertise for students to draw upon.

Programme details

For key details, including programme units, fees and entry requirements, please vist the prospectus.

About the MSc in Biophysics and Molecular Life Sciences

Many of the challenges in the life sciences today, from cancer to ageing, coupled with the emergence of new biotechnologies, require approaches that lie at the interface of biology, chemistry and physics. 

This Master's offers an integrated programme of study within a dynamic community of interdisciplinary researchers.  For students wishing to pursue further academic research in this area, it provides the ideal foundation. 

It is also excellent preparation if you want to follow a career in industry, where there is a high demand for biophysicists in the areas of structure-based drug discovery, formulation and delivery, and in many new applications in biotechnology. 

For more information about this programme see our online prospectus

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This Master's course is designed for outstanding graduates with a physical, chemical or molecular life sciences degree who wish to acquire interdisciplinary skills suitable for addressing fundamental questions in the life sciences.

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