Liberal Arts: Study Abroad

This is an exciting feature of the MLibArts course, allowing you to spend your third year studying at an overseas university.

Studying abroad is a great way to build on your experiences as a student, develop your confidence in a new environment, and boost your CV for when you graduate - all with University staff available to support you when you need it.


During your first two years of study you will be given support and advice from our Global Opportunities team in choosing the right destination for you, from a wide range of possible destinations. (If you are on a language pathway, you will go to a country appropriate for your pathway.) The University of Bristol has existing arrangements with many prestigious universities in Europe through the European Liberal Arts Network and around the world.

Fees and funding

While you are studying abroad you continue to be registered as a University of Bristol student. Currently students who study abroad for the full year pay reduced tuition fee to the University of Bristol and generally do not pay tuition fees to the partner university abroad. During your time abroad, you can still apply to receive any student tuition fee and maintenance loans that you are eligible for in Bristol. Research the fees, funding and budgeting for studying abroad in different locations listed as options for Liberal Arts. Take your time to plan and budget for how you will cover set-up and living costs before and during your time abroad.

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