Is it for me?

You may not think of yourself as a typical university student but that's fine, we're not looking for typical students. In fact we hope there won't be a ‘typical' student on the course. You could be aged 17 or over 70 – or any age in between – and come from any ethnic, educational, professional or social background. We're not interested in what you've done in the past but what you have the potential to achieve in the future.

Perhaps you've been busy working or bringing up children or maybe you didn't see the point of education when you were at school and left with few or no qualifications. It could be you left school so long ago you think you've left it too late, or perhaps you just can't decide what to study. It doesn't matter why you haven't thought about university as an option before... this could be the course for you. The only question you need to ask is ‘Do I have the motivation to complete this course and go on to further study?'

This is not a part-time course you can fit around a full-time job; you'll need to be able to dedicate at least 25 hours each week to study, including two days spent in lectures, classes and independent study at the University, so you must be confident you can fit the course around your other commitments. It's also a course aimed primarily at students who live in the Bristol-Bath area. However, you can enter a hall of residence during the Foundation, and there is also an option to live in a hall of residence in your first year of undergraduate study (after the Foundation).

What support will be available?

We realise that returning to education after a long break can be a shock to the system and that there may be times during the course that will be stressful, or where you are learning so many new things that it can be a bit overwhelming. The course is designed to offer you the best possible support, from experienced academic and support staff. On the academic side, you will have plenty of opportunities to try things out, make mistakes, and discover your own ideas. Nobody expects you to know everything before you start.

Outside of class you'll also receive plenty of help and advice on balancing your studies with other commitments. You'll have and with your future plans. One aim of this course is to ensure that students are particularly well prepared for the challenges (and pleasures) of undergraduate study at the end of the Foundation.

As a student at Bristol University you'll also be able to access the University’s welfare and student counselling services and, if you need it, support from the Disability Services Team.

Find more information on student services and support.

Applying to the Foundation was part of a process of re-engaging with myself and the wider world.

Sean Doyle
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