UK Marie Skłodowska-Curie (MSCA) Individual Fellowship

What is it?

Provides support for anyone with a PhD or at least four years research experience undertaking international and inter-sector mobility. The aim of these Fellowships is to enhance competencies and creative potential of the best researchers, whether European or non-European, willing to work in the EU. There is a special Career Restart Panel to resume a research career after a break and it is possible to embed a secondment within the Fellowship to take place within Europe.

What areas are funded?

MSCA is open to all research and innovation areas. The participation of third parties within projects is encouraged, e.g. SMEs, NGOs, Charities, museums, archives etc.

Funding, eligibility and project details 

MSCA funds projects using fixed ‘unit costs’ for the researcher and the institution. These ‘unit costs’ are flat-rate EU contributions to support the researcher, research costs and institutional costs during the project.

Allowance typeAllowance
Living allowance: €55,800 (€67,127 including coefficient)
Mobility allowance: €600/mth + €500/mth family allowance if relevant
Management/Indirects: €650 per month
Expenses: €800 per month

Deadline (Annual calls)

Opens 11 April 2017. Closes 14 September 2017.

Further information

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