Poetry workshop (African Connections)

  • Date: Sunday 22 November 2015
  • Time: 12.00 PM

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Bristol Poetry Institute

A space for discussion and debate about poetry in all its forms

About the Bristol Poetry Institute

The Bristol Poetry Institute brings together scholars, students, poets and poetry-lovers across the University of Bristol and the wider community. The Institute is a focus for events and activities ranging from international academic conferences to seminars and study days; we host readings, workshops and performances by national and local poets; we offer a space (both physical and ‘virtual’) for discussion and debate about poetry in all its forms.

Our remit is open and inclusive. Poetry in other languages and cultures is a vital part of our project, as are the ways in which boundaries are crossed by translation and adaptation, and the encounter of poetry with other arts, such as painting, music, drama and film.

Bristol Poetry Institute Annual Reading

The Bristol Poetry Institute was launched on Wednesday 10 October 2012, with a reading and performance by the Poet Laureate, Carol Ann Duffy. Since then the Annual Reading has been the central date of our calendar. In 2013 the reading was delivered by the Former Poet Laureate, Sir Andrew Motion, and in 2014 the reading was given by the Jamaican Poet Laureate, Melvyn Morris.

Other Events and Activities

The Bristol Poetry Institute has already backed a wide range of poetry-related events and activities, from an academic conference on the translation of poetry, to poetry readings, to poetry competitions. There will be a no less ambitious programme of events and activities in the future.


With past members of the English Department including internationally recognised figures such as Christopher Ricks and Charles Tomlinson, the study and writing of poetry has long been a strength of the University of Bristol. Current members of the English Department continue this tradition, researching and publishing on poetry past and present; several members of the department are also published poets.

Poet in Residence

For the last three years, we have hosted an annual Poet-in residence, whose workshops are open to undergraduate and postgraduate students from across the university. 

This is part of the wider support for poetry writing by Bristol students, support that includes the publication Bristol Poetry.

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Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world


Poetry makes nothing happen

WH Auden

Who’s right? Both, and neither. This great diverse untameable art is my passion and vocation. Poetry matters to me, to all of us engaged in the Poetry Institute, and we hope to you.
Daniel Karlin, Winterstoke Professor of English
First Director of the Bristol Poetry Institute (October 2012- June 2014)


For general enquiries about the BPI and our events, please email us at poetry-institute@bristol.ac.uk.