Project description

Stack of mini-DVs  Performance Re-enactment Society, 'After Yoko Ono'

Performing Documents is a major collaborative research project which asks how we are dealing with the remains of Live Art today. Drawing on creative, curatorial and research strategies, this project stages a wide-reaching investigation into the problems and potential of performance and its documents. What are the stories performance tells about itself, and what can these tell us about its wider cultural context? How can performance remain a source for critical intervention while many of its practitioners are increasingly embraced by established institutions, and how can performance theorists resist notions of definitive histories and final words? How can new generations of artists draw on the marks and traces that earlier works have left behind?

Performing Documents is structured around three research strands, which will be explored in extended workshops bringing together artists, curators and researchers to generate new material. The outcomes of these workshops will be presented to the public through a programme of symposia and performances, culminating in a conference at Arnolfini to coincide with In Between Time Festival in 2013.

Performing Documents is funded by the AHRC and hosted by University of Bristol, in partnership with University of Exeter, Arnolfini and In Between Time.

[Photo credit: Performance Re-enactment Society. 'After Yoko Ono, Grapefruit (1964)', Arnolfini, 2009. Photo by Carl Newland]