Tape Log Report Sheet  Blast Theory, Desert Rain

The Replace workshop will feed into Version Control, at Arnolfini. Version Control is a large-scale survey exhibition exploring appropriation and re-use, telling different versions of the past and, as a consequence, presenting possible versions of the future as alternatives to the dominant narratives projected in the present.

Artists include APNews, Giles Bailey, Gretchen Bender, Bernadette Corporation, Gerry Bibby, Ruth Buchanan, Antoine Catala, Nicolas Ceccaldi, David Raymond Conroy, Simon Denny, Tim Etchells, Loretta Fahrenholz, Felix Gmelin, Louise Hervé & Chloé Maillet, Andy Holden, Morag Keil, Oliver Laric, Louise Lawler, Tobias Madison, Eva & Franco Mattes, Melvin Moti, Rabih Mroué, Ken Okiishi, Amalia Pica, Seth Price, Emanuel Rossetti, Nora Schultz

[Photo credite: Blast Theory, Desert Rain, 1999]

Version Control, Arnolfini

26 Jan - 14 April, 2013