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Verses Penned after a Lecture given at the University of Leicester in February 2019

Wild and farmed fierce ostriches
Unknowingly much prized
For producing eggs to travel
Fine items globalised
From tombs into museums
These objects traded far
Now traced by isotopes (that’s science)
And all prompted by Tamar!
by Professor Neil Christie
(University of Leicester)

The Ostrich

Ostriches are remarkable birds
famous for many things:
Giant eggs, and giant turds,
and tiny, little wings.

Their eggs were carved by ancients
their skills to commercialize.
And thus they helped their trade to grow
and their craft to globalize.

by Professor William Hodos
(University of Maryland)


'I'm ready. There's still time to register for what promises to be an "egg-cellent" lecture @TheEES. I'm definitely "egg-cited"!
And from such a range of egg-xotic locations!
Eggs-actly"! The "eggs-tent" of the use of these eggs is amazing
Ok, you win. I've eggs-inguished my supply of egg-related puns - I'm eggs-hausted!!!
Same. That happens when you're "eggs-posed" to such a large amount of fascinating new information
Yes, I had no idea about how fascinating eggs can be. She really "eggs-amined" them in detail and with such a passion
Such a good lecture though. Such passion for a subject is eggs-sential!
I understand. It's quite an "eggs-perience"
I have to stop, I'm having an eggs-istential crisis from all these puns.
In all seriousness, the lecture is egg-ceptionally good!
They are not even "eggs-aggerated", they just come naturally... On a non-related note: I might need a break after the lecture
I'm cracking up!!!
Yes, I love such puns as well. Her puns are "eggs-tremely" clever
I'm LOVING the puns; they're egg-cellent!!!'
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