An Age of Luxury

An Age of Luxury, from Assyria to Alexander was an international exhibition from the British Museum that toured Hong Kong and Spain between 2018 and 2020.  The exhibition looked at the Mediterranean and Middle East between 900 and 300 BCE and explored the stories of luxury objects alongside those of the people who created, owned and traded them.
The Globalising Luxuries project team conducted research about key objects in the exhibition, discovering new and exciting details about their past.
Gold earrings in the shape of flowers, Babylon Image credit: © The Trustees of the British Museum
Necklace from Tharros made from gold, carnelian and amber (600-500 BCE) Image credit: © The Trustees of the British Museum
Gold Achaemenid drinking bowl - part of the Oxus treasure from Takht-i Kuwad, Tajikistan (500-400 BCE) Image credit: © Trustees of the British Museum
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