Postdoctoral and Early Career Fellowships

Whether you are a PhD student soon to submit or have been awarded your PhD, we welcome the opportunity to support your application in the following schemes:

Application process

You should follow the steps outlined below. In case of Bristol students/staff, please contact your Head/Lead of Subject or the Research Development Managers ( to check internal deadlines and eligibility for the scheme (some schemes require internal selection a number of weeks prior to the funder's and internal peer review deadlines) before starting to draft your application.

  1. Identify a mentor at the University of Bristol and begin discussions on how an application for funding might be developed. Obtain confirmation from your mentor they will support your application.
  2. Read the funding guidance carefully, register with the online application system (J-eS, eGAP) and begin to prepare your application.
  3. Your Bristol mentor contacts the Research Development Managers (RDMs) and lets them know that you will be submitting an application. The RDMs will look at your application and offer comments.
  4. Prepare justifiable costings for any activities you wish to undertake and which the funding body will allow. Contact the Finance Account Manager Gareth George to finalise the costing.
  5. All applications for external funding that are over £10k must be submitted for internal review (REAP). The RDMs will indicate how to submit your application to the review system, which needs to be done three weeks before the funder's deadline.
  6. Once any recommendations from the REAP review have been included, submit your application to the funder. As external funders require institutional authorisation, you must submit your funding application 48 working hours before the deadline. Applicants for the Newton International Fellowship should submit 5 working days before the funding deadline.

Registration with funders

It is important you register to the funder’s application tool as soon as you have decided.

How to register

Useful contacts

Help and advice is available at every stage: