Research clusters

We support new interdisciplinary, collaborative, research clusters, giving early-career and more experienced academics the opportunity to investigate new areas of research.

2020-2021 Research Clusters

Ethnographic Animation

Co-ordinator: Dr Camilla Morelli  (Archaeology and Anthropology)

Bodies of Water

Co-ordinators: Dr Paul Merchant (Hispanic, Portuguese and Latin American Studies) and Dr Michael Malay (English)

Creative Histories

Co-ordinators: Professor Robert Bickers (History), Professor Tim Cole (History), Dr Marianna Dudley (History), Dr Erika Hanna (History), Professor Josie McLellan (History), Dr William Pooley (History) and Professor Beth Williamson (History of Art).

Indisciplinary Poetics

Co-ordinator: Dr Rebecca Kosick (Hispanic, Portuguese and Latin American Studies) 

Irish History and Culture

Co-ordinators: Professor Brendan Smith (History), Professor Martyn Powell (Head, School of Humanities) and Dr Erika Hanna (History)

Modern Britain

Co-ordinator: Dr Amy Edwards (History)

The Embodied Mind

Co-ordinators: Professor Esther Eidinow (Classics and Ancient History), Dr Bella Sandwell (Classics and Ancient History) and Dr Ellen O’Gorman (Classics and Ancient History)

Theatre Histories

Co-ordinator: Professor Elaine McGirr (Theatre)

Collaborations and Institutes

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