Career development and training

The Arts Faculty is committed to providing postgraduates with the opportunity to develop a range of skills that will both complement their current research programme and prepare them for future employment. Career development courses and skills training are available to postgraduates from a range of providers across the University.

Careers Services

Careers Services provides career information, advice and training at all stages in your career search. It has a dedicated postgraduate careers advisor, postgraduate webpage and a variety of career skills workshops.

Development programmes

Research Postgraduates are eligible to attend a range of learning events on the Staff Development Programme. Courses range from those specifically catering to research postgraduate to courses in website design, presentation skills and learning technologies.

These courses are all free and are designed to help you develop your knowledge and skills in support of your current and future career development. You can book the courses through the Staff Development website.

Skills and career development opportunities

The Bristol Doctoral College facilitates and supports doctoral training and researcher development across the University, working with doctoral students in all Schools, Institutes and Centres for Doctoral Training. Please visit the website for more information.