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InsideArts - the festival of arts and humanities at the University of Bristol - is back, and once again, we are proud to present the exceptional work of our staff and students.

We have brought together a varied programme of lectures, workshops, exhibitions, talks, performances and debate, providing an insider’s view of the work of the Arts Faculty at the University. InsideArts comes hot on the heels of the Thinking Futures festival, which presents the work of our colleagues in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Law, and we are particularly pleased to present two events linking the two festivals:

Arts and humanities are fundamental to our being: language, spirit, history and culture define what we are; music, literature, art, drama shape and enrich a life that would be unthinkable without them. And individual benefit is matched by public good: the arts and humanities have an essential role to play in civil and political life, and in economic terms, research estimates that the arts sector is worth more than £850m to the UK.

We are proud of our staff and students, and of our role in ensuring a stream of new graduates who help sustain such important social, political, cultural and economic endeavour. We are keen to share fresh insights into the work they do.

We hope you will enjoy InsideArts at the University of Bristol.

Michael Basker- Professor Michael Basker, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, 2013

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