Foundation Year in Arts and Humanities

Foundation Year in Arts and Humanities: a new route into higher education

Foundation Year in Arts and Humanities

What is it?

It provides an introduction to the arts and humanities that will help prepare for and progress on to an undergraduate degree.

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Is it for me?

No matter what’s stopped you applying to university in the past, this new route into higher education could be the one for you.

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About the course

This new course lets you explore the past 2,500 years of society and culture and will prepare you for any arts or humanities degree.

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How to apply

The initial deadline for applications to start the Foundation Year in 2015 is 31 January 2015.

Please note that some aspects of the Foundation Year may be subject to minor changes from the information given on this website for entry in September 2015.

After the course

You'll be able to progress to one of our undergraduate degrees. Find out what courses are on offer and where a degree could lead you.

We have incredibly rich discussions. Our ages range from 19 to over 70, so you can imagine the different experiences that each of us brings to an issue.

Callum Wallace, Current student


We have worked closely with a number of community organisations to develop and publicise this course.

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