Distinguished Lecturer Scheme

BIRTHA funding has now come to an end.

Please refer to the Research Intranet on the Faculty of Arts research page for funding opportunities.


Past events:

  • Dr. Josephine Quinn,
    (University of Oxford)
    'Because He Heard My Voice and Blessed Me': Understanding Child Sacrifice in Ancient Carthage'
    24 March 2015.
  • Professor Peter Marx,
    (University of Cologne)
    'Global Hamlets: Odyssey of a Cultural Icon'
    24 March 2015.
  • Jose del Valle
    (The City University of New York)
    'The Making of Spanish in the 21st Century: the consensual versus antagonistic politics of grammar'
    24 September 2013
  • Eugenia Paulicelli
    (University of New York)
    'Italian Style: Fashion and Film'
    20 March 2013
  • Professor Will Fowler
    (University of St Andrews)
    'Rethinking Nineteenth-century Mexico. Following in the steps of Professor Michael P. Costeloe'
    30 April 2012
  • Professor Kathryn Grossman,
    Benjamin Meaker
    (Pennsylvania State University)
    'Les Mis Takes the States: the First Sixty Years of Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables'
    10 May 2012
  • Diane Setterfield
    (author and Bristol alumna)
    'Out of Bounds' Authorial Self-reading in Translation
    21 February 2011
  • Professor Bernard McGinn
    (University of Chicago)
    'The Iconography of the Trinity'
    1 March 2010.