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These guidelines are to be used in conjunction with completing the BIRTHA conference application forms:

Conference Description:


Please consider supplying:


Aims and Purposes:

Please avoid arguments which rely on past success.

BIRTHA will consider a proposal for any such event. All such proposals will be considered on their merits. However, where possible BIRTHA seeks to encourage events that are inter- or multi-disciplinary, or that involve more than one subject or department, or that have a national or international dimension.

Other Funding Sources:

Guidelines to completing the budget form:

Printing and Publicity:

Conference Packs and Name Badges:


If your conference is running over a weekend or evening don't forget to include out of hours porter costs. Overtime during the week (most likely incurred during the evening) or on Saturdays is £21.42 per hour. Overtime on Sundays is £28.56 per hour. Please contact Matt Davies for more information.