2013 awards

Postgraduate Conference: Mind and Body

22 - 23 February 2013
Organiser: Tamzin Simmons

Centre for Medieval Studies Events
Centre for Medieval Studies Postgraduate Conference

Follow-up to BIRTHA Debate 2012: Urban Identity: Whose Street is it Anyway?

25 February 2013
Organisers: The Peoples Republic of Stokes Croft and Carolyn Muessig

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Eighteenth Joint Postgraduate Conference: Religion and Theology: Afterlife

8-9 March 2013
Organisers: Emma Callister, George Ferzoco, Arthur Vize, Karen Wendland

Department of Religion Events

BIRTHA Small Grant: IAS Spring Lecture by Siegfried Zielinski

11 March 2013
Organiser: Laura Dean

Institute for Advanced Studies Events

Distinguished Lecture: Italian Style: Fashion and Film

20 March 2013
Organiser: Nick Rees-Roberts

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Severn Pop Network Inaugural Conference: The Small Economies of the 'New' Music Industry

25 March 2013
Organisers: Justin Williams and Lee Marshall

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Workshop: Italian Cinemas/Italian History

24 April 2013
Organiser: Catherine O'Rawe

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BIRTHA Research Grant: Perspectives on Brazilian Culture

23 May 2013
Organiser: Rhian Atkin

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HiPLA Symposium

Postgraduate Conference: Early Modern Paratext

26 July 2013
Organiser: Harriett Webster

BIRTHA Conference: Greek Myths on the Map

31 July - 2 August 2013
Organisers: Greta Hawes and Jessica Priestley

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BIRTHA Conference Grant: Writers and the Press in France

12 September 2013
Organiser: Martin Hurcombe

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Department of French

BIRTHA Conference Grant: Open Educational Resources in Modern Languages

20 September 2013
Organiser: Gloria Visintini

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BIRTHA Conference Grant: The Canterbury Dictionary of Hymnology Launch Conference

19 and 20 October 2013
Organiser: Emma Hornby

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Department of Music

BIRTHA distinguished lecturer's scheme: Professor Jose del Valle

22 to 29 September 2013
Organiser: Nils Langer