2012 awards

Medieval West Symposium: Culmination of 2010-11 BIRTHA research programme scheme workshops

20 January 2012
Organisers: James Clark, Elizabeth Archibald and Beth Williamson

Venue: Reception Room, 43 Woodland Road

Postgraduate Conference: Identity and Image

16 March 2012
Organisers: Hannah Walters (PO), Tamzin Simmons, Jade Bailey, Simone Bovair and Erica O'Brien

Translation, Reception and Appropriation Workshop: Making the sacred accessible: early Bible translation

29 February 2012
Organiser: Adrienne Mason

Venue: Link Rooms, Woodland Road

Postgraduate Conference: Spreading the Word: Religious Teachings and Teaching Religions

9-10 March 2012
Organisers: George Ferzoco, Massimo Rondolino and Emily Rhodes

Seventeenth Joint Postgraduate Conference

BIRTHA Conference: The New Poetry and Penguin Modern Poets 50 Years

16 March 2012
Organisers: William Wootten and Daniel Karlin

Venue: Wills Memorial Building

BIRTHA Debate: What is a University?

25 April 2012

Venue: Reception Room, 43 Woodland Road
Speakers included: Nick Lieven and Ian Wei

BIRTHA Distinguished Lecturer Scheme: Rethinking Nineteenth-Century Mexico

30 April 2012
Organiser: Matthew Brown

Public Lecture in Memory of Professor Michael Costeloe
HiPLA Events Page
Speaker: Professor Will Fowler (University of St Andrews)

BIRTHA Distinguished Lecturer Scheme: Les Mis Takes the States

10 May 2012
Organiser: Bradley Stephens

The First 60 Yrs of Victor Hugo's Les Miserables
Venue: LT2, Arts Complex
Speaker: Professor Kathryn Grossman (Pennsylvania State University)

BIRTHA Conference: Innovative Language Teaching and Learning at University

25 May 2012
Organisers: Helene Duranton, Jonas Langner, Gloria Visintini

Enhancing the Learning Experience of Modern Languages through Feedback

BIRTHA Wine Reception: Find out more about BIRTHA-funded events

30 May 2012
Organisers: Sam Barlow and Carolyn Muessig

Venue: Humanities Common Room, 11 Woodland Road

Postgraduate Conference: Philosophical Issues on Climate Science

9 June 2012
Organiser: Uzma Malik

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Translation, Reception and Appropriation Workshop: Charlemagne: European and National Identities

13 June 2012
Organiser: Marianne Ailes


Recording of New Opera: Say I Am You

21-22 June 2012

Composed by Michael Ellison
Recorded at: MIAM Centre for Advanced Studies in Music, Istanbul

BIRTHA Conference: Revenge and Gender

5-6th September 2012
Organiser: Lesel Dawson

Conference website
Venue: Clifton Hill House

The Invention of 3D and Colour Animation Programme: The invention of 3D and colour animation in Soviet Russia

19 September 2012
Organiser: Birgit Beumers

Department of Russian events page
Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival 2012
Venue: Watershed

Postgraduate Conference: Reconfigurations: from Papyrus to Post-Structuralism

19-20 September 2012
Organisers: James McFarthing (PO) and Claire Thomas (French and Italian)


Public Event: Launch of the Bristol Poetry Institute (BPI)

10th October 2012
Organiser: Daniel Karlin

Bristol Poetry Institute website
Venue: Great Hall, Wills Memorial Building

Annual Lecture: A. N. Wilson on Dante in Love

15th October 2012
Organisers: Sam Barlow and Carolyn Muessig

Venue: Pugsley Lecture Theatre, Queens Building

BIRTHA Literature and Community Engagement Lecture: Does Reading Make You a Better Person?

19 November 2012

AHRC website
Venue: Lecture Theatre 3, 17 Woodland Road
Speaker: Professor Jenny Hartley

BIRTHA Funded Workshop: Remembering Bristol’s Empire: Archives, Artefacts and Commemoration

13 December 2012
Organisers: Simon Potter, Jonathon Saha

BIRTHA event page
Venue: Senate Room, Lower Ground Floor, Senate House

Historicising Numeracy

Organisers: James Thompson, Roger Middleton, Richard Sheldon, Alexander Bird

Project website