2009 awards

Conference: Clio's Authors: Literature and/as Historiography

14 January 2009
Organisers: Marianne Ailes, Steffan Davies and Lisa Hau

Workshop: Gendered Perpetration

4 February 2009

BIRTHA Research Programmes Scheme: Traces of Conflict

15th Annual Medieval conference: Tradition and Renewal

20 - 21 February 2009
Organisers: Kirsteen Harvey, David Harry and Edwina Thorn

14th Joint Postgraduate conference: Theology and Religious Studies

7 March 2009
Organiser: Carolyn Muessig

Conference: A Tale of Two Cities - The Dual Identity of Prague as a Czech German City

11 March 2009
Organiser: IAS

Conference: Queering Cinema

11 March 2009
Organisers: Derek Duncan and Nick Rees-Roberts

Conference: Private and Public Spaces in the Urban Landscape

14 March 2009
Organiser: Tim Mowl

Conference webpage

Conference: International Arthur: Medieval Dutch and English Arthurian Traditions

18 March 2009
Organiser: Ad Putter

Conference: Just For Show?: Displaying Wealth and Performing Status from Antiquity to the Middle Ages

19 - 20 March 2009
Organisers: Stephen D'Evelyn, Silke Knippschild and Marta García

Conference: Minds, Brains, and Beyond: An international conference in memory of Susan Hurley (1954-2007)

20 - 22 March 2009
Organiser: Finn Spicer

Conference webpage

Conference: Critical Approaches to Ancient Philosophy

21 - 22 March 2009
Organiser: Kurt Lampe

Symposium: Scars

24 March 2009
BIRTHA Research Programmes Scheme: Traces of Conflict

Conference: Language and History, Linguistics and Historiography

2 - 4 April 2009
Organisers: Nils Langer, Mair Parry, Steffan Davies and Derek Offord, Modern Languages

Conference webpage

Conference: Archaeological and Anthropological Imaginations: Past, Present and Future

6 - 9 April 2009
Organiser: David Shankland, Archaeology and Anthropology

Conference webpage

Conference: Romans and Romantics

16 - 17 April 2009
Organisers: Charles Martindale and Ralph Pite

Conference: Celebrating the Dead: Anniversaries and the Literary Afterlife

22 April 2009
Organisers: Stacey McDowell and Alex Evans

Conference webpage

Conference: Europe’s China Strategy? Developments and Dilemmas

13 - 14 May 2009
Organiser: Dr. Winnie King

Programme (PDF, 94.1kB)

Workshop: Remnants of Conflict

29 April 2009
BIRTHA Research Programmes Scheme: Traces of Conflict

Followed by a screening: Cood bay Forst Zinna, after which the director and artist Angus Boulton will give a talk about his film.

8th annual interdisciplinary postgraduate conference: Speculative Futures: Social Sciences and Arts at the University of Bristol

21 - 22 May 2009
Organiser: Connections Eight team (connections.eight@googlemail.com)

Conference: XIII Hispanic MSS, Books, Texts Colloquium

3 June 2009
Organiser: David Hook

Conference: The Visual in Sport

13 - 14 June 2009
Organisers: Mike Huggins, University of Cumbria and Mike O’Mahony, University of Bristol

Conference webpage

Conference: The Stephen Bann Effect

20 - 21 June 2009
Organiser: Dept History of Art

Conference webpage

Conference Association of Art Historians: Student Summer Symposium:' Reading Images: Frames and Frameworks'

23 - 24 June 2009
Organisers: Louise Hughes and Eve Kalyva

Conference: Classical Reception in English Literature, 1660-1790

27 - 28 June 2009
Organisers: David Hopkins, English, and Charles Martindale, Classics)

Conference: Engage 2009

30 June 2009
Organiser: Centre for Public Engagement

Conference: Lady Chatterley and Her Consequences

2 July 2009
Organiser: Dr John Lyon, English

Conference information

Conference: BIRTHA Vekhi Centenary 1909/2009

7-9 July 2009
Organiser: Ruth Coates, Russian

Exploratory Research Workshop: Crossings and Transgressions - Exploring Internationalism and Interdisciplinarity, 1870 - 1920

9 July 2009
Organisers: Grace Brockington and Sarah Victoria Turner

Conference: Colour and the Moving Image

10-12 July 2009
Organisers: Sarah Street and Liz Watkins, Drama

Postgraduate conference: Bristol Postgraduate Network for East Asian Studies

14-15 July 2009
Organiser: Centre for East Asian Studies conference team

Conference webpage

7th Conference: Music in 19th-Century Britain

23-26 July 2009
Organiser: Dr Guido Heldt, Music

Conference webpage

Conference: The Modernity of Ancient Sculpture

25-26 July 2009
Organisers: Liz Prettejohn, History of Art

Conference: John William Waterhouse and the Classics

2 September 2009
Organiser: Liz Prettejohn, History of Art

5th Bristol Myth Conference: Classical Myth and Psychoanalysis

3-6 September 2009
Organisers: Vanda Zajko and Ellen O'Gorman - Classics and Ancient History

8th BIRTHA Postgraduate Conference: What We Do, and Why: Interpretation and Methodology in Classics

9 September 2009
Organisers: Loriel Anderson, Heather Crawley, Greta Hawes and Shushma Malik - Classics and Ancient History

Workshop on Metacognition: Belief Change and Conditionals

11-12 September 2009
Organiser: Department of Philosophy

Workshop webpage

Conference: Evolution, Co-operation and Rationality

18-20 September 2009
Organiser: Department of Philosophy

Conference: Amplification: Materialities of Sound Technology

21-22 September 2009
Organiser: Sam Barlow

Research Workshop: Philosophy of Logic and Foundations of Mathematics

22 September 2009
Organiser: Leon Horsten

Workshop webpage

Conference: Reassessing the 1970s

23 September 2009
Organisers: IHR and the British Academy

Conference webpage

Penguin Archive Half-day Conference in Translation

9 December 2009

Conference webpage

Research Workshop: Philosophy of Logic and Foundations of Mathematics

11 December 2009