Victoria's RoomDay 1, 21 May 2015

Time                    Event
10.00 Registration and coffee

Session 1: Plainsong and Medieval Music Society (PMMS) Study Day

Nils Holger Petersen (University of Copenhagen) - 'Liturgical Drama or Narrative Sacramental Representation?'

Tova Leigh-Choate (Independent Scholar) - '"To Be Sated at the Heavenly Table instead of at the Present One": Food, Feasting, and Song in the Liturgical Thought of Abbot Suger and Others'

Lucy Donkin (University of Bristol) - 'Stones, trenches, and plans: representing the liturgy of building sites'

12.00-13.30 Lunch: PMMS members may attend the PMMS AGM at 12:45   (lunch in the Theatre Bar)

Keynote speaker: Margot Fassler (University of Notre Dame)

'Liturgical Commentaries by Nuns: Hildegard of Bingen and the Dominicans of Soest on the Eucharist'

Chair: Nils Holger Petersen (University of Copenhagen)

14.30-14.45 Short break

Session 2: Glosses

Chair: Sarah Johnson (University of Bristol)

William Flynn (University of Leeds) - 'Chant and Interpretation Revisited: Cadential weight and Rhetoric

in Hildegard of Bingen's chants in honour of the 11,000 Virgin-Martyrs of Cologne'

Erika Kihlman (University of Stockholm) - 'Liturgical poetry outside the liturgy'

Rebecca Maloy (University of Colorado Boulder) - 'Biblical Exegesis in the Old Hispanic Liturgy: A Passiontide Case Study'

16.15-16.45 Coffee (Theatre Bar)

Session 3: Word and Deed

Chair: Matthew Champion (University of Cambridge)

Daniel DiCenso (College of the Holy Cross) - 'Subverting Charlemagne’s Purity?: Liturgy and Promiscuity 

in the Carolingian Age'

Helen Gittos (University of Kent) - 'The use of English in medieval Latin Liturgy'

Sarah Hamilton (University of Exeter) - 'Medieval Cursing and its Uses'

19.30 Conference dinner (Chin Chin)

Victoria's RoomDay 2, 22 May 2015

Time       Event

Keynote Speaker: Eric Palazzo (University of Poitiers) 

'Does the liturgy of the senses make any sense?'

Chair: Eleanor Giraud (University of Oxford)


Session 1: Postgraduate session

Chair: Raquel Rojo Carrillo (University of Bristol)

Pamela Nourrigeon (University of Poitiers)  - 'The illustration of a medieval liturgical treatise through the

example of the Rationale divinorum officiorum'

Ciaran Arthur (University of Kent) - 'The Easter Liturgy in the Agricultural Series of the Vitellius Psalter'

Arthur Westwall (University of Cambridge) - '"Roman by name, but not by nature?" A Lost Ordo

Romanus in Early Medieval Metz'

Teresa Whitcombe (University of Exeter/Bristol) - 'Omnia honeste et secundum ordinem fiant - ordering

liturgical spaces in thirteenth-century Burgos'

11.30-12.00 Coffee (Theatre Bar)

Session 2: Liturgy and the Senses

Chair: Beth Williamson (University of Bristol) 

Eyal Poleg (Queen Mary, University of London) - 'Rubbing, Marking, Timing: How did the appearance of

Bibles shape and reflect the medieval and early modern experience of the liturgy'

Diane Reilly (Indiana University) - 'Let the earth be opened and bud fourth a saviour: Tree of Jesse images and the

Cistercian reform of the liturgy'

Matthew Champion (University of Cambridge) - 'Speculum Sacerdotum: Training Liturgical Vision in the Late Medieval Northern Europe'

13.30-14.30 Lunch (Theatre Bar)

Session 3: The Iberian Case

Chair: Kati Ihnat (University of Bristol)

Elsa De Luca (University of Bristol) 'Liturgical manuscripts as royal insignia: monograms in the Leon Antiphonary'

Jamie Wood (University of Lincoln) - 'Constructing Christians through the liturgy:

Isidore of Seville and the Visigothic monastic rules'

Emma Hornby (University of Bristol) - 'Theology, Text and Music in the Old Hispanic feast In diem

sanctae crucis'

16.00-16.30 Summary and conclusion
16.30-17.30 Tea (Theatre Bar)

Evening Event:Sound and Vision: The Sights and Sounds of the Medieval Liturgy

A concert to be performed at the Lord Mayor’s Chapel, Bristol by the Bristol University Singers and Schola cantorum.