The 1970s in Comparative Perspective

The 1970s in Comparative Perspective

Team Leaders: Ruth Glynn, Mark Allinson

Team Members: Rajendra Chitnis; Hugh Pemberton; Debbie Pinfold; Gino Raymond; Claire Shaw; Caragh Wells

Outline and rationale of the project and associated events:

The 1970s are making a comeback in popular culture and academic research alike. In Western Europe and the Americas, this resurgence of interest has resulted in close interrogation of the relationship between the contemporary world and the period that sought to negotiate the radical social, political and cultural potential of 1968. For countries untouched by the 1968 movement, the 1970s present a conundrum; marked less by distinct political and social change, they were nonetheless subject to revolutionary cultural movements reflecting the post-1968 spirit.

This Research Programme explores the extent to which the 1970s are key to the evolution and formation of contemporary society, politics and culture, in comparative perspective. It builds on existing strengths, bringing together scholars with an established expertise in the 1970s and those for whom the decade represents an emerging research interest. It also develops on an exploratory workshop held in Dec 2012 and advances interrogation of three key areas identified there.

The Research Programme consists of three one-day workshops, bookended by two distinguished lectures. An associated film series, hosted by the SML Multimedia Centre, is designed to support student engagement with the research programme.

The launch event, Remembering the 1970s was a public lecture by Baroness Shirley Williams on the 13 November, 6.30 pm in Wills Memorial Building

More details about the three one-day workshops:

Workshop 1:  Shaping the 1970s, 7 November 2013 from 10 - 4pm

Workshop 2: 'Remembering the 1970s', 6th March from 10 - 4.30pm

Workshop 3: ‘Legacies of the 1970s’ (8th May 2014), 10 - 4pm, 1st floor seminar room, Graduate Centre, 7 Woodland road (U-card entry building)

The third workshop is preceded by a public lecture on Wednedsay 7th May by Dominic Sandbrook.

Public Lecture : ‘Britain in  the 1970s’ , 7th May, 6pm, Lecture Theatre 1, 43 Woodland Road

Dominic Sandbrook is the pre-eminent public historian of the British 1970s and presenter of the 2012 BBC 2 series 'The 1970s'.

**Booking required**


The public lecture has been organised in association with ‘Inside Arts’