Research seminars in 2018-19

Modelling the evolution of populations: interactions between social and genetic patterns - Dr Elsa Guillot

Professor Graeme Were - Re-inheriting the Revolutionary Past: Museums, Archives and Social Repair in Vietnam - Inaugural Lecture

'They get more miracles than us!' Negotiating identity, boundaries and toleration at Sri Lankan multi-religious ritual sites - Professor Mark Whitaker

Decolonising Canadian Heritage and Museology through Indigenous Engagement - Dr Bryony Onciul

Major Transitions in Evolution. When’s the Next One? - Dr Kit Opie

Made in the USA.? The Exceptional Logic of Economic Nationalism - Professor Ann Kingsolver

Post preservation or Social Repair? Curating the local in Southern China - Professor Mike Rowlands

Professor Fiona Jordan - The evolution of cross-cultural diversity - Inaugural Lecture

Class and coercion in post-industrial Britain: an ethnography of a housing estate in south-west England

Transmission Biases & Cumulative Culture in Human and Nonhuman Primates - Dr Rachel Kendal

Cooperation and the Evolution of Hunter-Gatherer Storytelling - Dan Smith

‘Object-ifying’ death: grave goods in prehistoric Britain - Dr Catriona Gibson

Infancy and Childhood in Early Iron Age Tyrrhenian Italy: New Interdisciplinary Perspectives - Dr Francesca Fulminante

Monasteraki, Amariou: A New Palace in Crete? - Dr Don Evely

Recovering the Unseen and the Absent Presence: Henri Gaden's Photographic Encounters in West Africa, 1894-1907 - Professor Roy Dilley

Permanence Premised: The Granted Power of Revolution in Cuba - Professor Martin Holbraad




Professor Fiona Jordan
Professor Mark Whitaker Image credit: University of Kentucky
Professor Graeme Were
Dr Bryony Onciul Image credit: University of Exeter
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