Become a Pioneer

bristol pioneers

If you give £1,000 or more in a single academic year (1 August - 31 July), you'll be recognised as a Bristol Pioneer. 

Pioneer gifts help the University transform ideas into reality quickly and efficiently, and make a crucial difference in elevating Bristol's teaching and research to the next level. 

Having your name listed as a Bristol Pioneer will inspire your peers to consider their giving and remind others of the importance of supporting higher education.

You can make a Pioneer gift by setting up a monthly, quarterly or annual direct debit, or by cheque, CAF voucher, credit card or a gift of shares. Your Pioneer membership is based on the academic year (1 August to 31 July).

If you’re a UK taxpayer, you can also take advantage of Gift Aid. The University is able to claim a further 25p for every £1 that you give, so a £1,000 gift would have a Pioneer value of £1,250 for the University. If you’re a higher rate tax payer and give £1,000, you could also reclaim a further £312 on your self-assessment tax return. You can find out more at the HM Revenue & Customs website.

For example:

Pioneer levelWhat your gift is worth if you are eligible for Gift AidNet cost to higher rate taxpayers (40%)Net cost to higher rate taxpayers (45%)
£1,000 £1,250 £750 £688
£5,000 £6,250 £3,750 £3,438
£25,000 £31,250 £18,750 £17,188

Many companies operate a matching gift scheme that doubles the value of charitable gifts made by their employees. If you're eligible for this scheme, this gift can also form part of your Pioneer donation.