Apply to use our HPC Systems

University Staff

University staff members can join their PI's existing HPC project or apply to create a new HPC project if needed. 
A PI can check their HPC project codes by logging in to their HPC projects area.

Postgraduate researchers

Postgraduate researchers can use BlueCrystal 4 or BluePebble, but your supervisor will need to apply for an HPC project (if they do not already have one) and send you an ACRC HPC project code, which you will need to use when you apply.  
If you want to join an existing HPC project please ask the project holder for the code and include the HPC project code when you apply to join the HPC project.
Please take the time to read our policy before you use our HPC systems. 

Visiting staff

Visiting staff can be given access to our HPC systems on request, but they will need to have honorary associate status or full honorary status.

Help and Support

Please email if you need help with the application process. 

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