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Links to course videos and training materials can be found below.  

HPC and Linux skills -  course materials and videos where available

The following course materials have been designed so that you can complete them independently without needing to join a scheduled course:

Programming and Software Engineering courses and videos

 Progamming and Software Engineering - online course materials


For additional self-guided programming courses please see Christopher Wood's RSE courses web page.

Please email if you have queries relating to the content of the Research Software Engineering courses. 

2021 Completed Workshops:

1st Feb 2021 - Beginning C++
3rd Feb 2021 - Intro to Linux
8th Feb 2021 -  Beginning Python
15th Feb 2021 - Intermediate Python
22nd Feb 2021 -  Intro to Linux
26th Feb 2021 - Introducing Git
1st March 2021 -  Intro to HPC
8th March 2021 -  Beginning OpenMP
15th March- Intermediate Python 
17th March - Beginning R
22nd March- Introduction to Data Analysis in Python
24th March - Best practices in Software Engineering
12 Apr 2021: Applied Data Analysis in Python
14 Apr 2021: Intermediate R
19 Apr 2021: Introduction to Deep Learning
21 Apr 2021: Git for Collaboration (New workshop!)
28 Apr 2021: Introduction to Data Analysis in R (New workshop!)
5 May 2021: IDEs and Debugging
17 May 2021: Parallel Programming in C++

If you'd like us to re-run a specific workshop please tell us using this form:




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