We want to test whether a treatment that we use for CFS/ME called “Graded Exercise Therapy” is effective and value for money. We want to compare this with “Activity Management” which we also use for CFS/ME.

CACH team: Esther Crawley, Amberly Brigden, Cat Linney, Lucy Beasant.

We are asking young people to take part who are aged between 8 and 17 years and have a diagnosis of CFS/ME from the CFS/ME specialist unit. This study is voluntary and young people do not have to take part. If they do decide to participate, they can leave the study at any time and this will not affect the standard of specialist medical care they will receive.

Participants agreeing to take part will be given one of two treatments at random, either Activity Management or Graded Exercise Therapy (GET). 

Current update: MAGENTA closed to recruitment in March 2018 with the successful recruitment of over 230 participants to the trial.  MAGENTA remains the largest paediatric CFS M/E trial in the UK.

You can find further information about this study here.

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