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All Bristol Forum enables students and staff to share ideas, think creatively and make connections that will help us all to deliver our ambitious strategy, and support our University vision.

Shape your Uni

In 2016 the University launched a new Vision and Strategy that captures the collective ambition and imagination of our students, our staff and the wider Bristol family. We are currently working to deliver the strategy and have already made significant progress in a number of areas.

All Bristol Forum events are open to Bristol students and staff and allow round-table discussions of key strategic projects. Each event allows us to gather feedback that will be used by those leading on each project to help shape our plans and ensure the University develops in ways that students and staff value.

We will use this page to let you know what actions we are taking as a result of your input and to share details of upcoming All Bristol Forum events.

Launch event - December 2017

Thank you to students and staff who attended the first All Bristol Forum in December 2017. Your valuable feedback has been shared with University staff who are leading on each of the themes we discussed (assessment, Student Advice Service and building an inclusive community) and is being used to progress work in each area. 

Below is a brief overview of your comments and what we are doing.

All Bristol Forum - December 2017

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You said you’d like a greater variety of types of assessment, with better scheduling so that it is easier to plan your workload and receive feedback in time to influence your next piece of work. You would like more emphasis on skills and knowledge that are useful in the 'real world' including more opportunities to present and to apply your knowledge in ways that will be useful in your careers.

We agree, and we are currently trialling new assessment methods which address these points across a number of schools within the University, with a view to embedding the new approach over the next few years. We will report on our progress via the Bristol Institute for Learning and Teaching

In addition, the new Bristol Futures curriculum will prepare you to respond to the big challenges that the world will face in the coming decades. You can access the open courses from 5 February and in September we will be launching credit-bearing optional units.

Student Advice Service

We are planning to launch this new service at the beginning of 2019 and you gave us useful feedback about the role it should have. You are keen for it to focus on delivering up-to-date information, referring more complex queries to existing sources of advice around the University. You believe that this focus should be reflected in its name. You would like the service to be easily accessible, for example via an app, and to provide help 24/7.

We are integrating your feedback into our design of the new service, and the next step is to give it a name. A total of 39 suggestions were given at the forum and we will work with more students through mechanisms like the Tyndall Place consultation group to select the best one.

Building an inclusive community

We heard lots of positive examples of existing practices that support the building of inclusive communities, such as course socials, schools' equality and diversity reps and the Bristol SU Balloon Accreditation scheme, which supports student group leaders to lead inclusive clubs and societies. You also raised examples of where we could be doing better, including our University residential communities.

This is being taken forward as a priority and we have just published our proposal for a new Residential Life Service Model for consultation. The model encourages and supports diverse and inclusive communities at the same time as maintaining and building on the sense of community that already exists in our residences. You can find out more and give us your views on our student support website (deadline 1 February 2018). Your feedback will help form our residential support model - Shape Your Uni.

With your help, we have already made significant progress in a number of areas.

Professor Hugh Brady, Vice-Chancellor and President

Next event - April / May 2018

The next All Bristol Forum will be at the end of April / early May and we will confirm the details shortly.

At the December event you gave us lots of suggestions for future Forum topics and we would welcome further ideas.

Please email your suggestions to Sam Jones, All Bristol Forum organiser, at

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