Strategy implementation

Our Strategy was launched in 2016 and provides a roadmap that sets out our goals in six key areas. Here you will find a timeline for implementation (PDF, 16kB) and updates on our progress as we put our strategy into effect over the next seven years.

Latest update: December 2017

"This new library is an important part of our vision for the academic heart of the Clifton Campus here at Bristol. We hope that it will provide a superb space for learning for our students and staff."

Philip Kent, our new director of Library Services, is part of the team working towards developing a new state-of-the-art library as part of our development of the Clifton Campus. We're excited about the award-winning team of architects and engineers chosen to deliver our new facility: a cutting-edge library for our University.

Education and the student experience

We will provide an outstanding research-rich, innovative and inclusive education to prepare our students for a rapidly-changing world.

Research, innovation and partnerships

We will cement our position as one of the world’s leading research-intensive universities and be an exemplar of openness and collaboration.

Our staff and ways of working

We will recruit, develop and retain the best staff and provide them with a challenging, high-performing and supportive environment

  • Governance review
  • Personal development and performance management
  • Staff engagement plan
  • Increase diversity within our staff population

Internationalisation and global relations

We will further internationalise our student experience, deepen our alliances worldwide and reinforce our global reputation for excellence.

Physical and digital infrastructure

We will provide a welcoming, well-maintained and inclusive campus with everything our staff and students need to succeed and flourish.


We will work in partnership with students, the city and organisations around the globe to address social and environmental challenges.

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