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Bristol is a university where big things happen. But at the heart of it are our students – doing what they’re passionate about, trying new things and helping others.

At Bristol, we’re interested in both sides of your story – your academic success and your personal development. Joining societies, sports clubs and volunteer groups is one way to make the most of your time at university. With Bristol SU’s 400+ clubs to choose from, you’ll have endless opportunities to find what excites you.

saskia student societies


When you volunteer you get out of the uni bubble and find people you wouldn’t normally interact with – you see more of the city and community around you. I’m the treasurer for Bristol Phab. It’s not really applicable to my degree but I just really enjoy it and I've made a load of friends. There’s also a volunteer ball once a year, where all the volunteer groups come together and socialise.

I’ve got so much more confident since coming to university. There are loads of things out there that are welcoming to people who are a bit scared. I think you only discover what you want to do if you put yourself into societies and join in with things.

Laura student societies


Societies were the main way I got to meet people in first year. When I came to Bristol I did some concerts with chamber choir, then I decided to do a cappella. Pitch Fight are an all female-identifying a cappella group – we do competitions throughout the year and go busking around Bristol. Our most recent performance was at the Edinburgh fringe.

I’d also been interested in Shaolin Kung Fu and saw that Bristol had a society for it – now I’m vice president. Not every university has the same opportunities we have, so I think that’s special.

Neel student societies


I’ve made a lot of my friends through societies. They give us a platform to pursue our passions – it’s about being able to have that common language as students. I’m heavily involved in the East African society because it’s a home away from home. When you’re international, if you find other students who live in the same place you do, it’s a sense of national identity.

I’m directing a play at the East meets West showcase. We’re collaborating with a lot of different societies; we bring dance and music societies into it. It’s a great experience and a form of leadership that I can take on, something for me to leave my mark on the University and city.

Amber student societies


Societies and halls have helped me find friends for life. Having a variety of societies, where you can meet like-minded people and have a place to relax, has really helped my wellbeing.

In the first year, I auditioned for the Panto society. I nearly didn’t go to the audition but now I’m on my sixth panto. I had to sing a parody of ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ which was ‘Never Gonna Suck Your Blood’ because I played a vampire: it was Twilight, the Panto. That was really fun. ‌

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