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Liberal arts is a challenging and rewarding subject for outstanding, highly motivated students. Our courses provide a rich education in the meaning and importance of the arts and humanities.

Opportunities to study abroad and to work with organisations outside the University will enhance your employability.

Why study Liberal Arts at Bristol?

The Faculty of Arts at Bristol is home to researchers who are committed to the ideals of liberal education. It is a place where an interdisciplinary outlook comes naturally and is practised on a daily basis.

You will be encouraged and expected to take responsibility for your own curriculum, making connections between units and incorporating into your studies all the activities and opportunities available within the rich cultural life of both the University and the city.

You can choose to do either a BA or an integrated master's degree (MLibArts), each of which has its own advantages and distinctiveness. You will be able to choose a specialist subject pathway from one of the disciplines in the Faculty of Arts. Whichever route you choose to follow, you will have the opportunity to explore different disciplines and to think critically and creatively about these within an interdisciplinary dissertation.

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What kind of student would this course suit?

Those who enjoy ideas, have strong interests in more than one subject area, like to find connections in their studies and want to strike out for themselves will be well suited to this course. You should be able to acquire, analyse and communicate knowledge, be motivated and intellectually curious, and not be afraid to try new things.

Above all, we are seeking those who are willing to take responsibility for their studies and be proactive in shaping their education.

How is this course taught and assessed?

Core units are taught via a mixture of lectures and smaller seminar group discussions.

Types of assessment vary, testing knowledge and understanding while honing your skills. This may include essays and other types of writing, presentations, diaries, critical reports and peer-review exercises.

Some units may have additional forms of assessment, such as single or group projects, portfolios, creative work or traditional exams. This variety of assessment ensures that you pick up a wide range of communication and analytical skills to prepare you for the world beyond university.

What are my career prospects?

A liberal arts degree, with its high academic standards, disciplinary grounding, interdisciplinary breadth, innovative methods and emphasis on engagement, will help you build an enviable combination of knowledge, understanding and analytical and communication skills. The degree is endorsed by a variety of employers, businesses and cultural bodies.

Experiences gained while studying abroad or working with organisations outside the University will further add to your skill set, preparing you for the world of work or further study.

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