Do you want to change the world? Our innovation courses will set you on your way. The innovators of the 21st century will bring together arts, science, engineering, humanities and enterprise to deliver innovative products, services and ways of living. They will be team players, with a breadth of skills and qualities that enable them to work across specialisms and cultures. They will be designers and entrepreneurs, and have a passion for style, efficiency and sustainability.

Bristol's innovation courses are for people who want to pursue their subject specialism in a way that will enable them to apply it: to become innovators who can change the world.

Why study Innovation at Bristol?

You will experience working with others who bring their own specialist knowledge, background experience and ways of thinking, as well as understanding how to design products and services. You will work with external clients on projects they value. You will learn how to develop your own ideas and evaluate innovative solutions, as well as putting together plans to pursue these, present them to others and gain support.

By the time you graduate, you will have been involved in planning a venture. You will have learned how to evaluate the venture's potential and how to finance it. You will be supported by groups within the University and external partners who are at the forefront of innovation. All the way through your course you will be able to draw on a network of advisers who are involved in starting up or investing in new ventures.

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What kind of student would this course suit?

We are looking for bright, creative people from a wide range of backgrounds. We will provide an innovative curriculum and an environment that values rigour, creativity, risk-taking, communication and teamwork.

You will have a serious interest in your chosen specialism and want to pursue it to a high level. You will also need to understand it well enough to explain it to people with different specialisms when you are working in your collaborative teams, and you will want to apply your discipline knowledge to real challenges and opportunities.

You will be motivated by your potential to create, innovate and share ideas with others. You may already have done things that demonstrate this, or you may only just be realising that this is what you want to do.

How is this course taught and assessed?

Innovation and entrepreneurship skills are taught and learned through repeated practice throughout the four years of these integrated master's degrees. All the innovation units are assessed solely by coursework; other methods of assessment will vary depending on which subject specialism you have chosen.

You will be required to undertake various innovation or entrepreneurial challenges. These involve different forms of assessment, including collaborative group work, individual reflection and presentations, which allow you to take risks and learn from both failures and successes. This powerful and critical way of learning will equip you with the skills to realise which innovations and entrepreneurial opportunities to take forward.

You will be supported by academic staff, external mentors and entrepreneurial advisers throughout your time at Bristol.

What are my career prospects?

After graduating, you will be able to progress to careers that require an honours degree in your chosen subject specialism. However, you will also be equipped to do much more: to innovate; to work in teams with people from different specialisms, backgrounds and cultures; and to create and implement entrepreneurial plans to take ideas forward. These skills are highly valued by all organisations, large or small, local or global.

You may graduate as a member of a new venture that you and your fellow students have created, or you may decide to join an existing venture. Whatever you decide, you will be well equipped to continue building on your entrepreneurial and innovation experience.

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