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Our degree gives you the tools to pursue your own passions by embedding choice and small-group teaching at every level. It covers a wide chronological and geographical breadth, from ancient British Paganism to the geopolitics of modern Antarctica.

Why study History at Bristol?

At Bristol we offer you the opportunity to develop and extend your interests through varied teaching formats, and through access to a large and diverse choice of units that draw directly from our research interests. All our units include an element of small-group teaching, either as the main focus of study or in support of lectures.

We encourage our students to think of themselves as historians from the moment they arrive in Bristol. Our syllabus is research oriented and enables you to progress and become capable of conducting independent, original research. You will undertake source-based research projects in all three years of your degree, and we actively encourage students to explore their own interests with the support and guidance of academic tutors.

Teaching at Bristol covers topics including contemporary British history, US history, the social and cultural history of the modern world, and medieval and environmental history.

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What kind of student would this course suit?

With our emphasis on choice and undergraduate research, this course will appeal to those who wish to pursue independent study. The course attracts students who enjoy discussing ideas and sources and communicating their research in a variety of ways.

Our students have a keen intellectual curiosity about history, a determination to understand the past on its own terms and as a guide for the future, and the desire to take a global perspective on historical and contemporary issues.

How is this course taught and assessed?

Our degree emphasises small-group seminar teaching that facilitates student discussion. Our teaching also includes lectures, tutorial-supported research and group projects. You will be expected to spend longer periods of time on independent study as the course progresses.

Throughout your degree you will undertake original historical research, culminating in your final-year dissertation.

Assessment is by coursework essays, dissertations and research projects, along with written exams and oral presentations.

At the start of your course you will be allocated an academic personal tutor who will follow your progress and give you advice throughout your time at Bristol.

What are my career prospects?

Our students secure graduate careers in a wide range of fields, including law, journalism, the media, marketing, finance, government and teaching, as well as going on to postgraduate study.

History trains people to take a complex mass of evidence, make a convincing analysis, and then persuade others that the conclusions drawn are viable. This is a fundamental skill valued by our civilisation and it is applicable to a wide range of careers.

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