Russell Group Statements

Russell Group statements


The Russell Group has published a Brexit Update (RG Update 22 March 2019 (PDF, 168kB) considering the possible impacts on higher education of both deal and no deal scenarios. Of particular focus is Erasmus+, Horizon 2020 and Settled Status.


The Russell Group has published a briefing note on the Brexit phase 1 negotiation agreement (PDF, 99kB). The Russell Group Chief Executive, Dr Tim Bradshaw, has also released a statement on the 'sufficient progress' announcement.
13 December 2017

The Russell Group has published a briefing note, 'Russell Group universities and Brexit' (PDF, 226k), outlining what it considers the key research- and HE-related priorities for the government in its negotiations with the EU.
17 November 2017

The Russell Group has published a briefing note, 'UK Government’s position on EU nationals: 10 points requiring greater clarity' (PDF, 227k), summarising its demands to the government on the rights of EU citizens. This has had media coverage including an article in the Independent.
3 August 2017

The Russell Group's Head of Policy, Sarah Stevens, has commented on the announcement that the Migration Advisory Committee is set to examine migration from the EU.
27 July 2017

The Russell Group has written an initial response (PDF, 107kB) to the government's 26 June position document on 'safeguarding the position of EU citizens living in the UK and UK nationals living in the EU'.
27 June 2017


New statement from the Russell Group on the consequences of voting to leave the European Union
5 July 2016

Russell Group statement following the referendum result
24 June 2016


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