Message from the Vice-Chancellor

Dear colleague,

You will, of course, be aware that Britain has voted to leave the EU. This is concerning and unsettling news, and will undoubtedly impact on universities. Nothing, however, is likely to happen in the short term in relation to the status of our students and staff within the EU, the status of EU students and staff within the UK or our access to and involvement in the EU's research programmes. There will be a gradual exit process negotiated over a number of years that is unlikely to be triggered before the autumn.

We will be working with Universities UK and the Russell Group throughout the transition period to mitigate the various possible impacts of the outcome of the referendum on universities. In particular, we will work to ensure that the UK remains an attractive destination for talented people from across Europe; that staff and students from EU countries can continue to work and study at British universities in the long term; and that any negative effects on our research enterprise are minimised.

We have already made commitments to current students from the EU and those who will be joining us in the autumn and will be contacting them shortly. We have no plans to change published tuition fees for these students and we have not received any indication that their access to the student loan system will be affected by the referendum result. Should you receive enquiries from current or potential students or their parents please direct them to the Enquiries team: telephone (0117 394 1649) or email ( For the moment, please could all proactive communications to applicants and prospective applicants (both undergraduate and postgraduate) be co-ordinated through this central Enquiries team.

As you know, the University of Bristol is a strong, resilient and ambitious institution that has weathered many a storm before and I am confident that we will successfully navigate a path through this one. At a personal level, I urge all staff to reassure their international friends across the globe that we at the University of Bristol are as committed as ever to international collaboration and cooperation and that the recent result will, if anything, strengthen our resolve.

I will write to you again when I have more news.

Best wishes,


Professor Hugh Brady
Vice-Chancellor and President

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