Understanding the relationship between stigma and gambling-related harm

Stigma associated with gambling poses a substantial problem, especially for individuals dealing with gambling problems. This one-year interdisciplinary research project led by the University of Gibraltar, in collaboration with researchers from Nottingham Trent University, the University of Hertfordshire/University of Trento, and Gordon Moody aims to investigate the stigma surrounding gambling, the cultural, societal, and psychological influences contributing to stigmatisation and the role of stigma in the development and maintenance of problem gambling behaviour and treatment seeking behaviour. The two studies of this project will comprehensively explore (1) how the general population perceives gambling and gamblers and (2) the viewpoint and stigma-related experiences of gamblers. 

Project leads are Prof Zsolt Demetrovics, Dr Andrea Czakó and Yanisha Soborun (Centre of Excellence in Responsible Gaming) at the University of Gibraltar.

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PI Prof Zsolt Demetrovics
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