Joint hybrid seminar - Unveiling Online Gambling Behaviour: A Descriptive Analysis of Consumer Data

6 March 2024, 12.30 PM - 6 March 2024, 2.00 PM

Shunya Kimura

School of Geographical Sciences, 1.7S Seminar Room 2, University Road, BS8 1SS

This is a joint seminar with Quantitative Spatial Science (QuSS)

Unveiling Online Gambling Behaviour: A Descriptive Analysis of Consumer Data

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Lunch will be provided.

Abstract: The ever-expanding realm of online gambling demands scrutiny, prompting a comprehensive examination of customer behaviour in this dynamic landscape. A prerequisite for meaningful investigations lies in the careful preparation of data—an endeavour that is the focal point of this study. Using consumer data sources acknowledged for their chaotic and multi-dimensional nature, the seminar will initially explore the scoping of the data's content and coverage, filtering it to a refined cohort of over 250,000 online customers registered in Great Britain with authentic and consistent engagement patterns. This expansive dataset affords the opportunity for robust subgroup analyses, enabling a nuanced exploration of variations, be it by activity types or within small geographical units. We then aim to answer pivotal questions about the demographics, geographical distribution, and product preferences of online gamblers. Furthermore, through a comprehensive exploration of patterns of play, we seek to uncover behavioural markers crucial to understanding how individuals engage with online gambling. The overarching goal is to establish a national profile of provisioning and use within the gambling industry, elucidating diverse participation from typical to disordered behaviours.

Speaker: Shunya Kimura is a final year PhD student in Human Geography at UCL, funded by the UCL, Bloomsbury and East London (UBEL) Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP) in collaboration with GambleAware. His research aims to create a geodemographic typology of online gambling behaviour in Great Britain utilising large-scale consumer data from a multi-national sports betting and gaming group.


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Shunya Kimura, phd student from University College London

Shunya Kimura, PhD student at University College London

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