Fellowship details

The QTEC programme is a full-time one-year cohort-based pathway with taught courses that cover entrepreneurship, business and innovation with aspects of systems and design engineering.

QTEC is directly networked into the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme and part of a large global research and innovation community, working alongside researchers at the front edge of quantum technologies from across the world.

Fellowships are suitable and open to those who have a technical background and wish to explore the world of entrepreneurship with a view to starting their own quantum based business or work in industry. You may already have an idea of a quantum or quantum-inspired technology you wish to commercialise. The programme is open to those who do not have a technology to commercialise, in which case support will be given to find a suitable technology.

The QTEC programme includes:

  • 6-month world-class in-house intensive, practitioner led entrepreneurial teaching programme
  • Additional 6-months to develop your own innovations into businesses leading to pitching to investors
  • Incubator space within Unit DX and the Quantum Technology Innovation Centre
  • Mentoring and coaching from in-house experts and visiting Entrepreneurs in Residence.
  • Extensive networking and investment pitching opportunities throughout the year.
  • A £30,000 salary while you develop your business, the largest salary available for start-up and incubator courses of this type.
  • A £12,500 budget for travel and consumables.

For more information please contact us by sending an E-mail, to qtec.enquiries@bristol.ac.uk. We look forward to hearing from you.

[Innovation and Enterprise] is something Google feels very strongly about and we look forward to building connections with these companies and helping them hone their experiences to commercialize quantum technologies.

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