Drawing (inter) actions

Collaborative research, Art and Care for ecosocial (re)balance. 

Join us for a series of multidisciplinary workshops to explore ecosocial responsibility in research inspired by ecological and socially engaged art practices.  

This creative space will enable us to explore the wider implications of research and encourage dialogue between different kinds of knowledge. This shared experience will be guided by artistic collaborative methods and practices of care aiming to contribute to the research ethics process at University of Bristol.  

Reflecting on the research implications in the context of the climate emergency can reinforce the need to (re)draw interactions with other kinds of knowledge, other narratives and other species. Artistic practices can provide an inclusive, thoughtful and experimental setting to explore alternative forms of engagement while envisioning future scenarios, considering different voices (grounding research in a wider context) and reflecting on controversial topics such as sustainability, nature, resilience and uncertainty.   

The series of workshops will be led by Seila Fernández Arconada, experienced multidisciplinary artist and researcher with international experience in participatory and collaborativetransdisciplinary projects. The workshops will take place between the 3rd and 13th of May. The workshop formats will be flexible and there will be different ways to get involved, ideally it would require a commitment to attend three two hour sessions.  

Participation in the workshops is open to all University of Bristol staff and postgraduate students. To sign up to participate in the workshops follow the link to the form in which the artist has included a few questions to start drawing (inter) actions.

Please complete this form to register your interest before the 27th of April 2022. 

This project is a collaboration between the Public Engagement team, the Research Governance team and the Cabot Institute.