Medication Change Questionnaire (MCQ)

This questionnaire is an alternative to using the MYMOP questions on medication. It makes a much more detailed and accurate record of medication and medication change.

People themselves know best what medication they actually take each day, and the MCQ provides them with a simple structured form on which to record their medication use for seven days. The MCQ can be repeated after treatment to assess change.

It has been developed and tested with the help of a team of researchers and patients. This is described in the papers on the MCQ publications page. Further evaluations of the questionnaire are planned and feedback from users is very welcome.

This questionnaire can be used alongside MYMOP in evaluations of all kinds. When the two are used together the medication questions on the bottom of MYMOP can be deleted.

Click below to download a User's Pack as a pdf. This contains the questionnaires and instructions for use.

There is one questionnaire to use on the first occasion, and one to use on subsequent follow-up occasions.

MCQ complete users pack (PDF, 75kB)

MCQ references:

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