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The Moon has landed

Mock up of Luke Jerram's Museum of the Moon in The Great Hall, Wills Memorial Building

Mock up of The Museum of the Moon in the Great Hall Luke Jerram 2017

17 March 2017

The Museum of the Moon comes to the University of Bristol.

The Wills Memorial Building, one of the University's most iconic buildings, will host a special celestial being for one week, as Bristol-based artist, Luke Jerram, brings his installation, Museum of the Moon, to the Great Hall.

Framed by rafters of the Great Hall, the Moon will create an ambience of lunar imagery, moonlight and surround sound to accompany the range of public and University events planned for the week of 19 to 26 March, including a ceremonial event to mark the installation of Bristol's new Chancellor, Sir Paul Nurse, on 22 March 2017.

Measuring seven metres in diameter, Luke's Moon features detailed NASA imagery of the lunar surface. Each centimetre on his moon represents 5km on the surface of the Earth's largest natural satellite. The installation in the Great Hall is part of the Moon’s international tour in which it is presented in different ways, both indoors and outdoors, altering the experience of the artwork for different audiences worldwide.

Dr Erik Lithander, Pro Vice-Chancellor at the University, said: "We are delighted to have the opportunity to host the Museum of the Moon at such an important moment in the University’s history. We have a long tradition of solar-system research, including analysing the moon rocks collected during man’s first landing on the moon in 1969. The Moon continues to inspire our research today."

"We are also proud to work with Luke and to contribute towards his public arts portfolio for people in Bristol and beyond."

Luke said: "This is an opportunity for the public to have a close encounter with the Moon, to study every detail of its surface and to bathe in moonlight. The Great Hall is such an amazing space to present the Museum of the Moon and I’m really grateful for the University’s support to present this artwork."

Members of the public can view the Museum of the Moon for free by visiting The Great Hall found within the Wills Memorial Building at the top of Park Street. It will be open to the public from 10 am to 8 pm, Saturday 25 March, and from 10 am to 5 pm on Sunday 26 March.

The public can also sign up to a special Moon Tower Tour of the building on Sunday 19 March from 1pm to 4pm (last tour). Additional Moon Tower Tours will run throughout 25 and 26 March. Tours cost £5.00 and all proceeds go The Wallace and Gromit Grand Appeal. Entry to view the Moon in the Great Hall is free.

For more information, visit the Museum of the Moon website and follow the #MuseumOfTheMoon hashtag on social media. You can sign up for a Moon Tower Tour on your chosen day in the Wills Memorial Building reception area.




Further information

The Museum of the Moon has been co-commissioned by a number of creative organisations coming together. These include: Greenwich+Docklands International FestivalAt-BristolLakes Alive, Provincial Domain Dommelhof, Brighton Festival, and Without Walls.

The artwork has been created in partnership with the University of BristolUK Space Agency and The Association for Science and Discovery Centres.

About Luke Jerram

Luke Jerram's multidisciplinary practice involves the creation of sculptures, installations and live arts projects. Living in the UK but working internationally for 20 years, Jerram has created a number of extraordinary art projects which have excited and inspired people around the globe.

In Bristol he is known for installing a giant slide on Park Street (Park and Slide) and for his installation of Fishing Boats in Leigh Woods (Withdrawn) for the National Trust and European Green Capital. His Glass Microbiology artworks are currently on display in At-Bristol science museum. 

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