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Media coverage for Cabot research

4 May 2012

Evidence discovered by the Cabot Project which suggests that a Florentine merchant house financed the earliest English voyages to North America was reported by UK and Canadian media.

Venetian merchant John Cabot received funding in April 1496 to undertake expeditions ‘to go and find the new land’ from the Bardi banking house in London, new research by Dr Francesco Guidi-Bruscoli, a member of the Cabot Project based at the University of Bristol, has found.

The research was covered by the Daily Mail, The Post, Bristol 24-7, UPI, Science Codex, Discovery News, Der Spiegel, the Edmonton Journal, Calgary Herald, Montreal Gazette, Vancouver Sun and other media in Canada, Poland, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Full press release: Italian merchants funded England's discovery of North America 

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