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Preventing problems in exotic pets

Press release issued: 27 February 2012

A public talk, organised by the University's Small Animal Practice, exploring preventative medicine in commonly kept exotic species will take place tomorrow [Tuesday 28 February] at the School of Veterinary Sciences, Langford.

The number of exotic pets in the UK is increasing and as these pets have special healthcare needs, it is essential owners know how to care for their pet properly to keep it in good health.

Preventing problems in exotic pets will explore preventative medicine in commonly kept exotic species.   The talk, organised by the Small Animal Practice at the University of Bristol’s School of Veterinary Sciences, will take place tomorrow [Tuesday 28 February] at 7 pm in the Hodgkin Lecture Theatre, Pearson Building, Langford.

The talk will answer questions, such as:

  • Do I need to worm my tortoise, rabbit or parrot;
  • How can I stop my gecko losing its toes.

Colin Blakey, a vet who heads up the exotic pet service in the Small Animal Practice, who will be giving the talk, said: “Increasingly people are keeping a wide range of reptiles, birds and exotic mammals.  Many problems commonly seen in these species can be prevented by careful attention to husbandry, diet and hygiene.”

To book a place at the talk, contact the Small Animal Practice on tel 01934 852422 or register online at

The Small Animal Practice is run by Langford Veterinary Services Ltd, a totally owned subsidiary of the University of Bristol.


Further information

Colin Blakey, Clinical Associate in First Opinion Practice at the Langford Veterinary Services, has been working in general small animal practice for 15 years with a special interest in exotic animal medicine. He qualified from the Royal Veterinary College, London in 1993, having spent the last part of his course studying with the veterinary department at London Zoo. He then spent four years working in a mixed animal practice in Essex, gaining general experience but also building up expertise with the more exotic species whenever the opportunity arose. This was followed by time working for an avian and exotic veterinary centre in Berkshire before moving to Nailsea where he established an exotic clinic alongside his other clinical work.

The Small Animal Practice at Langford is a first opinion veterinary practice serving the local community. The practice provides an up-to-date veterinary service for dogs, cats, rabbits, small pets and exotic species (e.g. birds, reptiles and fish).

Langford Veterinary Services is a customer focussed veterinary business providing an extensive range of specialist capabilities and a superior quality of care. All clinics are supported by highly specialised clinicians, diagnostic imagers, anaesthetists, nurses and other support staff.

Langford Veterinary Services Ltd is a totally owned subsidiary of the University of Bristol.

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