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Stop smoking: sign up to Desktop Quitting

3 July 2007

With the smoking ban now in force, the University has signed up to an online service available over the next 12 months to help staff give up smoking.

Desktop Quitting is an online service available via the NHS to individual employees to help them stop smoking. It is a unique personalised messaging service, designed according to your age, sex and motivations for quitting, which can be accessed via your computer.

To sign up, access the website at and go into the Desktop Quitting programme. You will need to use your company ID number, which is Bristuv, and your work email address (for example, to generate your own personal programme. You will then be asked to complete an online questionnaire. This will be used to develop a tailormade package of motivational support that is provided via a calendar on your computer.

You will need to commit to a 'Quit  Date'. Support is provided for seven days from that date, after which you receive messages via your calendar at regular intervals for 12 weeks to help you stay a non-smoker. It’s up to you to go into your calendar every day.

The programme also provides lots of useful information pages about how to prepare, what to expect, a quitter’s gossip page, a cost calculator and the latest information on treatments available. It also provides you with an email link to your local NHS stop-smoking service for further advice and support.

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