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Stem cell research tops the bill at BHI meeting

5 January 2007

Leading heart expert Professor John Martin is to give the keynote lecture on stem cells in the treatment of heart disease at the annual meeting of the Bristol Heart Institute (BHI) on 10 January.

Professor Martin is British Heart Foundation Professor of Cardiovascular Science and Director of the Centre for Cardiovascular Biology and Medicine, UCL. He has received national media attention recently for his work into the potential of stem cells for treating people who have suffered a heart attack. This work differs from the majority of studies into stem cell therapy is that Professor Martin’s team will use stem cells from the patient’s own bone marrow. This means there is less likelihood of rejection complications and there are minimal ethical issues surrounding the procedure.

Researchers at the BHI are also using stem cells to find out whether they can replace heart cells that have been lost following a heart attack or for treatment of end-stage heart failure.

The BHI consists of over 200 scientists and clinicians from the University of Bristol and associated NHS Trusts. Talks at the meeting will reflect the wide variety and depth of research at he BHI, ranging from gene therapy for heart disease to mechanisms underlying cardiac arrhythmias and hypertension.

For more information about research at the BHI, please contact Dr Elinor Griffiths at

The lecture will be held at the UBHT Medical Education Centre, Upper Maudlin Street at 4.15pm. There is no need to book.

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