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Get off that couch!

Press release issued: 12 October 2001

Get off that couch!

Our legs are made for walking, but most of us prefer the car; our hearts need exercise, but the lure of the couch is often too great.

The mismatch between the human body's capabilities and needs and the nature of our high-tech, low-exercise lives will be the focus of a public lecture at the Wills Memorial Building, Queens Road, on October 16.

Ken Fox, Professor of Exercise and Health Sciences at the University of Bristol, will explore how our bodies have been unable to adapt to the inactive lifestyles that have become so common over the past 40 years. He will explain the impact on physical and mental health and how individuals and communities are responding.

Professor Fox said: "The western world offers an environment that is quite alien to our bodies in many respects. The toll in terms of heart disease, obesity and mental illness is alarmingly high and we need to take action both individually and collectively."

Professor Fox is a prolific author and internationally recognised expert in the field of exercise and health.

His lecture starts at 5.15 pm. Admission and refreshments are free.

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