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Our innovative four-year PhD programme combines broad interdisciplinary skills training with high impact research projects to ensure our students have a wealth of career opportunities open to them.

Current PhD projects

Current mini-projects

Epidemiology is being transformed by new technologies in high-throughput genotyping and molecular phenotyping.

The new data being generated by genomic, epigenomic and metabolomic technologies offer exciting research opportunities for those interested in the causes of health and disease.

What our programme offers

  • generous funding from the Wellcome Trust supporting your research and training needs
  • a rich multi-disciplinary environment giving you the opportunity to develop a wealth of new skills and knowledge
  • diverse training and experience from year 1 ensuring a solid foundation for your main 3-year project
  • expert academic supervision and a rich collegiate atmosphere providing a wealth of academic support
  • excellent high-performance computing facilities ensuring you can efficiently analyse large and complex datasets
  • internationally important data and tissue banks from cohort studies such as the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC), and representing more than one million person-years of clinical investigations

  • Supported by Wellcome Trust

Our students

We are training a new generation of scientists who can harness the benefits of an epidemiological approach in exciting and productive ways.

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